Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Persian Corridor

The Persian CorridorA documentary video Written & produced byRobert D. Burgener
This fascinating documentary tells the story of American servicemen, Soviet officers and civilians who played a crucial role in supplying the Soviet Union with badly-needed military equipment via Iran during World War II.
To learn more about this little-known chapter in the Great War, read Robert D. Burgener's article "Bridge to victory" and see the following cips from the video:
Video clip (1): Introduction to "Tales of the Persian Corridor" (RealPlayer format)Video clip (2): The importance of the Persian Corridor as told by Lt. Col. A. George Mallis, U.S. Army (RealPlayer format)Video clip (3): The equipment sent to Russia through Iran during the war (RealPlayer format)
Tales of the Persian Corridor/Bridge to Victory is available for $19.95, plus $3.00 postage and handling.

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