Friday, July 11, 2008

Ron Paul Q&A in Hearing on Iran Policy 7/9/08

Ron Paul Q&A in Hearing on Iran Policy 7/9/08
The Folly of Attacking Iran Lessons from History

Ron Paul Q&A in Hearing on Iran Policy 7/9/08

Thank you Dr. Ron Paul. You always get to the crux of the issue.
Ron Paul Iran Policy Hearing

Ron Paul on US/IRAN Policy: "Blockade is an Act of War

ron paul god bless you and all true honest americans।i hope that the march is a sucess and that the american people will realise how serious the economic and political situation is.freedoms voice is a whispher on the peoples lips but will become a very loud roar .god bless and good luck to you all.geoff uk bedfordshire
ZIONIST Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) C-SPAN INTERVIEW - H.C.R. 362 WAR on IRAN
An Absolutely DISGUSTING interview/statements by Congressman Mike Pence and his declarations against IRAN. This congressman is absolutely bought and paid for by the Jewish/Israeli special interest and is on the Foreign Affairs of the MIDDLE EAST Congressional Committee... He continually LIES to ALL the VIEWERS and the Washington Journal callers get pissed (see Video). I think we all in America have had enough of CONGRESS SPOON FEEDING ISRAEL with American TAXPAYER FUNDS, but worst, the ZIONIST preparing for Sanctions, Travel & Naval Blockades, and obviously... WAR! Guess WHO PAYS, ONCE AGAIN?Congressman MIKE PENCE is such a ZIONIST SCUMBAG, research his track record: multiple Jewish funded travel, campaign donations, etc...(see LINKS provided) then search on all his legislation over the past 8 years. BINGO!Here's the whole interview on C-SPAN's Washington Journal: PENCE's TRAVEL... AIPAC and Jewish Special Interest PENCE PANDERING to PAC's #2 - Pro ISRAELI Campaign Donations Gary Ackerman (D-NY) and Mike Pence (R-IN) of H. Con. Res 362 IRAN Sanctions Allows Travel, Trade, NAVAL Blockades PENCE political Bio: Jewish Coalition Applauds Congressman Mike Pence Resolution: Slanders Oppositions
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