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Prince George's Community College Largo Maryland just deployed Servers and Cluster/Virtualization Software well-established technology.

Prince George's Community College Largo Maryland just deployed Servers and Cluster/Virtualization Software well-established technology.

Prince George's Community College Largo Maryland just deployed Servers and Cluster/Virtualization Software well-established technology.

Virtualization of the IT back room has already helped enterprises simplify, consolidate, and realize new flexibility and performance in server farms, data storage, and networks. According to IDC, some 75 percent of enterprises employ virtualization technology in production processes, indicating its widespread acceptance. However, IT managers continue to feel pressure to reduce even further the costs of IT infrastructure and to increase the ROI—the value—of IT spending by expanding its use to the entire enterprise technology toolset

Please let me know if you need any new software for Centos BlueQuartz, Blueonyx, SUN COBALT RAQ LINE: spam filter, firewall, awstats, openmail, PHPMYSQL phpMyAdmin, webmin and more

or any new SuperMicro Hardware Servers loaded with latest updated OS starting $799.00

Server GUI is in German/Deutsch, Danish, Japanese and English.

SHIPPING Worldwide around $35.00 in US and $145.00 to EU

We have all sell the Spare Parts for the SUN COBALT RAQ LINE: cooling fans, CPU, RAM, Mainboards,Hard Drives, Barebones with LCD and more.

Please check the Server Virtualization and Cluster Software and new Blueonyx Server Centos 5.3 with Sun Cobalt GUI


New Super Servers from SuperMicro


Price: $999.00

Rackable Systems 1U Server P4 2.66ghz / 2gb / 500gb special $499.00



CentOS + BlueQuartz Server Appliance is built on the community version of Redhat Enterprise Linux called Centos.

RAQport ships all the systems listed below worldwide.

This server appliance uses CentOS as operating system. As GUI interface it uses BlueQuartz, which is based on the open sourced RaQ550 Sausalito architecture from Sun Cobalt.

Sites, users, mailing lists and settings can directly be imported with the built in CMU from any Cobalt RaQ. So this is an inexpensive way to trade the aging Cobalt RaQs against much more modern hard- and software, while retaining the well known functionality and GUI interface.

A CentOS + BlueQuartz Server Appliance can do everything a RaQ550 and it does it much faster. A CentOS + BlueQuartz Server Appliance can do all including Frontpage. We do not have Chilisoft ASP at this moment ) - The serial ATA hardisks have a throughput of approximately 50 MBit/seconds and even the basic model with a 2.8GHz CPU outperforms a RaQ550 by several magnitudes.

Aside from the speed there are other compelling reasons to consider replacing existing RaQ3, RaQ4, XTR and RaQ550 with a CentOS + BlueQuartz Server Appliance

The sudden demise of the Sun Cobalt RaQ has left ISPs and hosting companies with a time bomb: hundreds of thousands of RaQ servers worldwide starting to wear out – with no viable replacement. Fortunately, Linux specialists have the answer.

We still have over 100 units of the SUN COBALT RAQ 2 RAQ 3 RAQ 4 RAQ 550 RAQ XTR and Qubes.

In short:

* It is "BlueQuartz" on CentOS 5.3 and then some.

* Has previously commercial add ons pre-installed, including ...

* phpMyAdmin

* Web based Email

* GUI to automatically create and remove MySQL users and databases for sites.

* Subdomain management

* Better PHP security management on a per site basis.
* New default skin for the GUI.

* Working vacation messages.
* Updated Dovecot and ProFTPd.

* JSP support already built in with an improved GUI.

* YUM updates are delivered through various mirrors right from the start.

* Is still available free of charge and released under Sun modified BDS license.

* Comes with PHP5 and MySQL5 preinstalled.

* GUI to modify SSHd settings (root access, port, protocols)

* GUI available in English, German, Danish and Japanese.

If you still need RAQ3 AND RAQ4 we have over 100 Units we can preeload the Strongbolt Centos BlueQuartz OS prices start with $79.00 OS Restore Included

Alex Lech Bajan


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Replacement for the SUN COBALT RAQ LINE New Centos BluQuartz Virtualization and Cluster Web Servers

What is Aventurin{e}?

Aventurin{e} is a fully blown Linux operating system that can be installed on any X86 compatible hardware. It provides an intuitive browser based administration interface and allows to create and manage Linux based virtual private servers. Aventurin{e} also includes mechanisms to back up and restore virtual private servers.


Aventurin{e} is ideal for webhosting companies and companies with their own IT infrastructure.

Within a matter of minutes you can create new CentOS + BlueQuartz virtual private servers which cater all your web, email and FTP needs.

Or you can create that CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, Ubuntu or OpenSuSE virtual private server that your developer needs to deploy his new application. Aventurin{e} also helps you to deploy your own customized Linux operating systems.

Additionally Aventurin{e} helps you to improve your ability for disaster recovery. No longer do you have to provide individual backup mechanisms for each of your servers. Aventurin{e} allows you to back up (and restore!) all its virtual private servers through the GUI interface.

Migrations of virtual private servers from Aventurin{e} - or from any OpenVZ or Virtuozzo host - to another can be done without downtime.


For those that need high availability and redundancy: Aventurin{e} can do that as well. It is also available in a clustering version which will make sure that your important servers and services are always reachable.

Aventurin{e} downloadable ISO image - details:

Aventurin{e} is available in two different versions:

Aventurin{e} - Standard

Aventurin{e} - Clustering

Both versions allow you to create, administer and run multiple virtual private servers (i.e.: "VPS") on the same hardware (i.e.: "master node").

To run Aventurin{e} you just need a good server which has plenty of RAM. CPU power sure is helpful, but RAM helps quite a bit more.

Hardware requirements:

What kind of hardware you need for Aventurin{e} of course depends on the expected usage. If you just want to run a few low traffic virtual servers, then your hardware can be older and less powerful, as if you run CPU and RAM intensive tasks on many high traffic virtual servers.

This is what we consider the minimum hardware requirements:

IntelC Pentium 4 with 2.0 GHz (or similar AMDC CPU)

1 Gig of RAM

1x100 Gigabyte harddisk

Intermediate hardware requirements:

IntelC Pentium 4 D6XX with 2.4-3.2 GHz (or similar AMDC CPU)

2 Gig of RAM

2x250 Gigabyte harddisks

Recommended hardware requirements for troublefree operations under most adverse situations:

IntelC Core2Duo E6600 2.4GHz (or better)

4-8 Gig of RAM

2x500 Gigabyte harddisks.

For clustering your server should have two network interfaces. One of them - at least - should ideally be a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Included OS templates:

The ISO images of Aventurin{e} comes with the following OS templates


CentOS + BlueQuartz v4.8 (NuOnce build) CentOS v4/Final (minimal install) Debian v3.1 (minimal install) Fedora Core v5 (minimal install)

OS templates available through YUM:

Additional OS templates are available on the Aventurin{e} update repository and can be installed with the command "yum install ". The following OS templates are currently available this way (more will be added later):

CentOS v4 (default install)

CentOS v5 (minimal install)

CentOS v5 (default install)

Debian v4 (minimal install)

Fedora Core v5 (default install)

Fedora Core v6 (default install)

Fedora Core v7 (minimal install)

Fedora Core v7 (default install)

Fedora Core v8 (minimal install)

Fedora Core v8 (default install)

OpenSuse v10 (default install)

Ubuntu v6.06 (minimal install)

Open-Xchange 0.8.6 (Community Edition) OS template

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