Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poland is willing to facilitate its trade with Iran

Poland to expand ties with Iran
Wed, 05 Sep 2007 16:20:33

Polish investors eye Iran's trade projects.
Poland's deputy minister of culture has expressed his government's readiness to invest in different sectors of Iran's economy.

In a meeting with the head of Iranian Trade Development Organization, Mehdi Ghazanfari, the polish official said that a delegation from Poland's Chamber of Commerce, accompanied by private sector representatives, would visit Iran to explore ways of expanding bilateral trade and economic relations.

"Poland is willing to facilitate its trade with Iran and officials of both countries should do their best to pave the way for the promotion of imports, exports and joint ventures between the two countries," said Sakaravad Hunto.

For his part, Ghazanfari stated that Polish investors could take part in economic projects in Iran, in accordance with Article 44 of the Iranian constitution.

Holding specialized gatherings would make the two countries more familiar with each other's trade potential, he added.
Poland welcomes Iran assistance to Iraq security, stability

Tehran, Aug 31, IRNA -- Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski on
Sunday held talks with Secretary of Supreme National Security Council
(SNSC) Hassan Rowhani on Tehran-Warsaw cooperation over Iraq.
Rowhani welcomed the growing ties between Tehran and Warsaw.
"From the beginning Iran opposed the occupation of Iraq, as is today,
Iran believes that what the occupiers are doing in the country is
against all international norms," he said.
The US does not have the right to sell Iraqi oil or decide on its
reconstruction path. The US as an occupying power has clear
international obligations, it does not abide by them, "notably on
Iraqi security," he said.
"Despite Iran`s categorical opposition to the occupation, we are
ready to cooperate on such issues as stability and security of Iraq,
legal visit of pilgrims and traders, respect for governing rights to
the legitimate Iraqi representatives, and speedy withdrawal of the
occupying forces," he said.
Rowhani also lamented the activities of terrorist groups in Iraq
and "American cooperation with these groups which is against all the
international norms."
We are keen on reaching a consensus with the Polish government
which is responsible for the security of the central part of Iraq on
legal movement of individuals across the border.
On martyrdom of Iraqi religious leader Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer
Hakim and 125 Iraqi civilians, he said "We can confirm the deep anger
of the people of southern Iraq."
Ayatollah Hakim was in favor of the people to assume the security
of the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, "but the Americans rejected
Unfortunately the American administrator of Iraq Paul Bremer did
not even appear in front of camera to apologize to the people, Rowhani
said adding Poland begins its mission at a difficult time."
He alluded to the need for all the groups active in Iraq to come
under the umbrella of a strong United Nations.
The Polish defense minister referred to "Iran`s growing influence
in the regional developments." and said that presence of Polish forces
in Iraq highlights Warsaw`s ties with Tehran.
He further condemned the assignation of Ayatollah Hakim as a step
to destabilize Iraq and Iran`s security. "We convey our condolences to
Iraqi and Iranian people on the tragedy."
The participation of Polish forces along with 20 other nations in
Iraq is not an occupation, he said. Polish forces would embark on
humanitarian activities, cooperation with religious, and ethnic
leaders as well as with neighboring states.
Iran-Poland cooperation can be beneficial in many aspects
including visits by pilgrims and border people, and in various other
Poland is interested in Iran assistance to stability and security
of Iraq and "He has officially conveyed such matters to President
Mohammad Khatami," he said.
The Polish position in Iraq depends to a large degree on Iran`s
assistance, Szmajdzinski said adding "Poland will officially take over
its mission form American forces in three days."
Polish Minister of Defense arrived in Tehran on Saturday night to
discuss with Iranian officials various issues of mutual interest, and
grounds for bolstering of bilateral ties in the field of defense and
security cooperation.

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