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Does Hitler's Ghost Live In Israel?

Does Hitler's Ghost Live In Israel?

By Sam Hamod

07/26/03: Yesterday, a 4 year old Palestinian boy was killed at an Israeli checkpoint, simply because he was riding in a truck when an Israeli soldier opened fire with a machine gun. The soldier also wounded two little girls. An Israeli government spokesperson said it has no apology and “after an investigation” that nothing was done wrong!

It is apparently legal and acceptable for an Israel soldier to shoot and kill an innocent 4 year old boy!

Lately, it seems this is standard operating procedure for Israeli soldiers in Palestinian areas and checkpoints; one has but to look at the newspapers over the past two weeks to see the proof for this astounding fact.

This is an outrage. How can the Zionist Jews who run Israel not remember how Hitler brutalized them in the 1930s and 1940s? Why should they take Hitler’s methods and now use them against the Palestinians? Why is the world standing by and allowing this holocaust to take place, calling the Palestinians who have no tanks, planes, helicopters or heavy weapons, “terrorists”, while the Israeli military destroys children, women, homes, hospitals, schools, mosques with planes, rockets, missiles, helicopters, bulldozers and bloodthirsty soldiers at checkpoints where the Palestinians are unarmed, helpless and obviously wanting only to get through their day safely?

Has the world gone mad? Does GW Bush and the rest of the US government, our congress, our senate and most of our mass media not see the truth of what is going on? How can they deny it? Are they not moral enough to be outraged? Are they blind and dumb?

Is this what happened when Hitler was killing the Jews, Poles, Russians, Czechs, Slavs and Bosnians during the 30s and 40s and in WWII? Did we turn a blind eye then?

Were the German politicians as demented and ill-informed as Tom Lantos and others who call Palestinian children, “terrorists,” while Israeli soldiers slaughter them with heavy weapons? Has America totally lost any moral sense? Any moral outrage? Is Helen Thomas right when she says, “America has lost its moral sense.” We may have more people going to church, but is it being lived out in our lives?

I fear we have lost our moral compass, because this has been going on for over 30 years, with American aid and complicity. We have sided with the devil in this one, from the time of Menachem Begin to Ariel Sharon, we have sided with the killers, and condemned the victims.

Surely, if there is a God, and I believe there is, his wrath will come down on us, as it should. We know of the Holocaust, but are not stopping this new one—WHY?

But let not this wrath come down on those who stand against this terrorism from Israel’s Sharon, for there are Jews in Israel and Americans who stand against this wholesale barbarism—let the punishment come down on those guilty of standing by, those abetting this slaughter, those keeping women and children, from water, from hospitals, keeping them locked up in house arrest and martial law so that they cannot even get food, or earn money to buy food. Let those who stand by and allow this to go on, those who abet it, like Tom DeLay who calls the victims, “terrorists” and is going to Israel this week to collect more money and to receive awards for blessing these killings of innocents.

How men like him can say they are Christians, can say they are moral men—is beyond me. They lie to us and they lie to themselves; there is no reason, no matter what titles these liars sport that we should believe them. We should not be like them and lie to ourselves, nor should we be afraid to say these truths aloud. If we fear speaking the truth, then we too are lost.

It is time we all stood up to the liars in our media and in our congress, senate and in the White House and say, “No more, no more—Israel must stop this barbarism, this Hitlerian behavior or must be condemned and cut off from any aid from the United States and its allies in the world.” If we do any less, then we are complicituous in this new holocaust, and no parades, no visits to the Jewish Holocaust Museum or saying, “It’s God’s will”, will justify our shirking our moral duty to stand up and demand this stop.

If not, then America will be as vulnerable as Israel to attack all over the world, from not only Palestinians, but from Muslims who have had enough of brutalization of the Palestinian people. It is judgment day; let us hope the American government makes the right decision and soon, if not, then all hell will rain down upon us.

Sam Hamod is a former advisor to the U.S. State Department, an expert on the Middle East, editor of Third World News and a retired professor from Princeton and Michigan.

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